DataKnowl easily connects your business with your customers on all channels

Voice - Phone

The phone is still one of the most effective, simple and fastest way to communicate with a company. People of any age can use our telephone voice services, thanks to the simplicity of our solution.

DataKnowl Contact offers complete support for the telephone channel. From the geographical number of the small company, to the complex contact center of the largest and most structured organizations, DataKnowl Contact is the perfect solution that scales with your needs.

Thanks to V-Agent and V-Voice, it is also possible to offer advanced self-service telephone services, integrated with Contact, or as a stand-alone solution. You can combine human-based support with AI-based self-service to deliver the exact service you need.


DataKnowl's widgets allow your web users to engage with your company in an easy and efficient way.

A complete widget can be made available with a simple click. Users can talk with a V-Agent, or interact with live agents through the live chat feature of DataKnowl Contact.

Your customers can have access to a full-features channel to interact with you on the web, with a simple widget, that you can integrate with your website and mobile site in a single line of code.


Embed DataKnowl features easily in your mobile site and applications.
Embedding DataKnowl features in your mobile site takes less than a minute!
Integrating DataKnowl service directly in your applications is easy with SDK.


Email is one of the most popular, simplest and fastest channels. However, managing a large amount of email is complex and can lead to mistakes.

With DataKnowl Contact, you can manage the email channel in a structured way, thanks and Interactions and Tickets. It is possible to configure an email address and manage incoming e-mails as simple interactions, or as interactions on multi-channel with attached tickets.

If you also need automation for e-mail, V-Agent is the right solution. V-Agent can reply to email, and work side-by-side with human agents, to provide the best Customer Service via email.


SMS is still one of the fastest and more reliable ways to interact with your users and customers. Available natively on every device, you don't need to install any application or sign up.

With DataKnowl SMS channel you can build a reliable communication channel for your customers, for all our services. Agents can receive and reply to SMS from Contact, or you can provide self-service SMS-based thanks to V-Agent. Rent a mobile number with ease, and start in few minutes.

Social Platform

Talk, engage with and support your customers on their preferred social networks. You can reach your customers on their existing platforms, without having to install any other applications.

With DataKnowl Contact and V-Agent, you can provide human-based customer service, as well as advanced self-service on Facebook and Twitter

Chat Platforms

Chat Platforms are becoming the native channels for communications with friends and family.

They are also becoming one of the most rapid channels to engage with companies, due to the simplicity and familiarity of the tool.

You can engage with your customers on their preferred platforms and chat applications, without having to install.


For highly valuable communications, there is nothing better than video.

Interact and engage with your users at the next level, by adding support for video in your customer service.

Thanks to video, users can talk with your agents while in video, allowing for the highest levels of trust.


DataKnowl channels are the backbone for the delivery of all our services, both the human based services, through DataKnowl Contact, and the AI-based services, like V-Agent and V-Voice.

You can combine services on the same channel, to better fit with your needs. DataKnowl adapts to your requirements.

Do you want to provide human support on one channel, and self-service on others? No problem. Do you want to provide human support for some requests, while proving self-service for others on all channels? That isn't a problem either! With DataKnow you're free to build the perfect configuration. for your needs.

And not just that! Do you want to integrate other software, that you use, to DataKnowl services, or only leverage DataKnowl channels, to provide a communication backbone to the software that you already use ? DataKnowl channels are the perfect solutions for that!

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