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SmartGEO is the advanced local number for your business or organization, based on SmartCOM technology.

Local Number with V-Voice

The Toll Free Number is an essential tool to provide to customers, and in general to the users, a free and efficient communication channel.

With Smart800 is it possible to combine the potential of the V-Voice platform with those of the toll free number, creating an innovative user experience that allows you to improve the service and strengthen the corporate image.

The toll free number is a sign of attention to your users and customers. It is an important tool that helps you to increase your sales and contacts while providing a post-sales support channel for products and services

Thanks to the V-Voice potential, innovative voice solutions can be created with ease, from self-service fully automated applications to solutions aimed to support operators.

Smart800 can be used as entry point for your virtual PBX based on V-Voice, or to answer users questions in a fully automated way, such as for business hours, to know about the progress of a task, to leave a message or place an order.

Furthermore Smart800 can be used as free, simple, easy to remember, point of contact for your users and customers, leaving to V-Voice the task of handle and transfer calls to operators, directly on existing phone numbers, as well as mobile numbers or to the web.


  • Cloud-based infrastructure virtualization
  • No purchase and maintenance of hardware
  • Inexpensive. Payment based only on the real usage
  • Fail-Over, multiple node redundancy
  • Available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
  • V-Voice Apps: IVR, Voice Menu, Virtual PBX, ...
  • V-Voice Connectors: Toll Free, Geographic Numbers, ...


Pay as you go


Origination Termination
Landline /min /min
Mobile /min /min
Monthly Fee $ 7
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