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Full-feature SMS solution

SMS Features

DataKnowl Engagement SMS is the full-feature solution for managing and sending text messages. Low-price, with no hidden costs, it allows companies and / or organizations to use text messaging as a powerful vehicle of communication for their users and customers, all in a very intuitive way.

DataKnowl Engagement SMS is the most effective solution for send promotions, communication service, event invitations, remember appointments and countless other uses.

The network infrastructure at the base of DataKnowl allows you to manage high volumes of sending, all over the world.

The highly competitive price is inclusive of all features, there are no other hidden charges for extra features, everything is included.


  • Cloud-based infrastructure virtualization
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Inexpensive. Payment based only on the real usage


Pay as you go

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DataKnowl is the unified platform for customer service optimization and automation

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