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The V-Voice virtual agent makes it possible to optimize and / or automate interaction with users and customers on the voice channel.

V-Voice allows you to reduce operating costs, offer services 24h/24h and increase customer satisfaction.

V-Voice agents at the service of your business

The voice channel is by far the preferred means for interaction between companies and institutions with their customers and users.

It is important to accommodate the customer, or the citizen, in a professional manner, but even more, it is important to always provide the desired service.

Endless queues, extenuating waits, or missed calls generate in the user a perception of lack of attention to their needs.

Through V-Voice technologies, companies and organizations have the perfect tool to optimize the management of the interactions on the voice channel. The V-Voice based virtual agents help or replace PBX operators in the management of calls workload. They represent a work force that is always available, and at extremely low cost.

When human agents are in place, V-Voice helps to optimize the workload, automatically solving multiple issues, and forwarding calls to operators only when needed. Moreover, through this technology, all callers are welcomed by the system, which will manage the queue intelligently, and possibly book a callback for the user, for the maximum satisfaction.

V-Voice also enables you to fully automate information requests and dispositive actions. Reservations, reports, meter readings, information, and more, are available to the user 24h-24h, without queues, 365 days a year.

The user interacts with the V-Voice as with a regular human agent, using the voice (thanks to the Speech Regnition), or using the keypad.

The complete support for legacy infrastructure, the easy integration with existing systems as well as the cloud-based technology that eliminates all the costs of buying hardware, purchase software, maintenance, configuration, make the V-Voice technology the best tool for modern organizations.


  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduce operating costs, savings up to 80%
  • Available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
  • Manage the peak traffic that human agents fail to process, at reduced costs, while still meeting the user expectations
  • Collect and analize insights with the analytic engine
  • Intelligent management of complex operations and workflow thanks to logic engine
  • Cloud-based infrastructure virtualization
  • No purchase and maintenance of hardware
  • Inexpensive. Payment based only on the real usage
  • Fail-Over, multiple node redundancy
  • Available for Toll Free and geographic numbers
  • Integration with existing PBX
  • Integration with existing software



Business Enterprise Custom
Usage From $ 0.04 /minute From $ 0.04 /minute From $ 0.03 /minute
Numbers 1 3 Unlimited
Redundancy 2 Nodes 2 Nodes 3 Nodes
Web Phones 3 8 Unlimited
CRM Included Yes Yes Yes
ASR Included (Speech Recognition) No No Yes
Decision Engine (Logic Engine) Yes Yes Yes
Predictive Engine Yes Yes Yes
Intellexere (Support) No PureLogic, SBNN, Mnemoo PureLogic, SBNN, Mnemoo

$ 89


$ 149


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