Make and receive calls on any device thanks to DataKnowl Endpoints

Published 03/11/2019

Thanks to Endpoints it is now possible to make and receive calls from any device, such as a PC, Tablet, and Smartphone.

After you have configured DataKnowl Contact, each user has:

  • an Endpoint;
  • an Extension.

What is an Endpoint ?

In DataKnowl, an Endpoint is represented by any entity that can handle interactions (e.g. a telephone call).

What is an Extension ?

An Extension, for example 1000, can be seen as a private telephone number for a business. Among Endpoints' most classic uses is its ability to call employees by typing their extension numbers.

What is SIP Endpoint ?

A SIP Endpoint is a specific type of Endpoint using the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). It is possible to register at the SIP Endpoint to make and receive calls.
To register, you need to have SIP Client software or hardware.

What is SIP Client Software ?

SIP Client software is a softphone, in other words, a software telephone. Obviously, it is possible to register hardware phones that are compatible with the SIP protocol, often called VoIP phones.

It is also possible to register multiple devices at the same Endpoint, and these devices will ring simultaneously when a call is received. For example, you can register your desk VoIP phone, your software phone on your PC and answer calls on the most convenient device. In fact, when answering a call, the other devices stop ringing.

SIP Clients are available practically for any device or operating system. There are open source clients, freeware clients, and also, pay applications. The choice is really wide and meets all needs.

To get started right away, follow our tutorial Make and receive calls on any device thanks to DataKnowl Endpoints .

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