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Customer Service, Information and Sales: Use the chatbot with Artificial Intelligence to increase the satisfaction of your customers

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More than a chatbot.   V-Agent is a new member of your team, available on phone, website and other communication channels, 24 hours a day.

Create a chatbot like Chat-GPT but trained on your data


Our proprietary AI-engine, Intellexere, powers V-Agent with advanced NLP, Neural Network, and Reasoning capabilities, creating a superior AI-engine designed specifically for conversational chatbots.

Designed to cater to your specific business requirements, our platform enables custom training through your own data, creating and managing a knowledge base that ensures high accuracy and uniformity in customer responses.

Designed with enterprise needs at its core, our robust platform provides a sturdy, scalable infrastructure that supports business agility and growth, ensuring that you stay ahead in a competitive market with a platform that evolves with you.

Our unwavering dedication to security involves stringent data protection measures, exceeding industry standards and ensuring GDPR compliance. We focus on safeguarding the integrity of your customers' interactions.

Our mission is to make cutting-edge AI accessible to all. From solo professionals and SMBs to large corporations, V-Agent provides an economical solution without compromising quality — starting with a free plan.

Transform Your IVR Experience with AI

Our innovative AI solution elevates the IVR experience by offering a human-like presence capable of managing calls, providing information, and enhancing customer service with human-like interactions.

V-Agent moves beyond traditional IVR systems, delivering advanced capabilities for modern communication needs.

Not only does V-Agent automate routine inquiries with immediate, accurate responses, but it also bolsters operational efficiency by providing round-the-clock service.

Functioning as anything from a simple Virtual Receptionist to a highly skilled and knowledgeable call center agent, it swiftly categorizes and handles calls, expediting resolution times and enhancing service quality.

With the ability to converse and comprehend multiple languages, V-Agent acts as a global virtual workforce, ensuring availability 24/7 to engage with customers in different regions. This availability in a variety of languages positions V-Agent as an essential tool for businesses looking to improve international customer support and satisfaction.

V-Agent for your WebSite

Elevate your website's customer engagement with DataKnowl's web widget, seamlessly integrating V-Agent into your online platform. This intuitive chat-like interface allows your visitors and customers to interact with ease, accessing a sophisticated virtual agent right from your website.

With V-Agent embedded on your site, users gain immediate access to assistance, mirroring the experience of a live chat with the efficiency and reliability of AI technology. Whether they're seeking information, resolving issues, or requiring support, V-Agent is there to provide real-time responses and solutions.

Implementing V-Agent via our user-friendly web widget not only enriches the user experience but also streamlines your customer service operations. It's a simple yet powerful tool that stays active 24/7, handling inquiries even when your team is offline, ensuring that your online presence is as responsive and helpful as your in-person customer service.

DataKnowl's V-Agent widget is designed for effortless integration and instant interaction, enabling your business to maintain a constant connection with your customers, boost engagement, and drive satisfaction—all with the click of a button.

Use Cases

  Tier-0 and Tier-1 Support

V-Agent is a remarkably effective tool for Tier-0 and Tier-1 help desk support, offering instant and precise solutions to user inquiries. Capable of adeptly handling a high volume of support requests across phone, email, WhatsApp, and other channels, V-Agent employs an omnichannel strategy to deliver seamless customer experiences. By swiftly resolving up to 90% of routine support queries, V-Agent not only streamlines the support workflow but also significantly elevates service quality and efficiency. This powerful AI-driven approach translates into cost savings and improved customer satisfaction.
  Lead Generation

Transforming your website into an active lead capture engine, the AI engages visitors in interactive dialogue, effectively qualifying prospects by collecting key details, responding to product inquiries, and navigating potential clients closer to a sale. Adaptable and scalable, this solution evolves alongside your business, catering to the needs of professionals and multinational companies alike.
  Pre-Sale Info

The AI assistant stands ready to equip shoppers with all the pre-sale information they need. From detailed product features and pricing to availability queries, it's engineered to deliver tailored responses that nurture interest and encourage a seamless transition through the sales funnel.
  Virtual Receptionist

Operating as your all-encompassing Virtual Receptionist, it effortlessly coordinates customer interactions across your service platforms. Whether it's directing calls, scheduling commitments, or handling reservations, it simplifies your operations by centralizing tasks within a single integrated system, minimizing the need for multiple software solutions and diminishing expenses.

Effortless Self-Service with V-Agent

Discover the convenience of V-Agent's self-service capabilities, designed to enhance your customers' autonomy and satisfaction. Here's how they can interact with the platform:
- Scheduling Made Simple: Set up appointments effortlessly at a time that suits them.
- Hassle-Free Bookings: Easily arrange for services such as home pickups or repair sessions.
- Account Management: Instantly review their account balances and transaction statuses.
- Seamless Purchasing: Shop for products or services with straightforward guidance.
- Utility Management: Conveniently submit utility meter readings like water, gas, and electricity.
- Feedback and Alerts: Quickly notify about issues or report service disruptions.
- Order Tracking: Get up-to-date information on their order's progress and delivery.
- Inquiries Answered: Pose questions about your offerings and receive prompt, accurate answers.
- ...and this is just the beginning of what V-Agent can do to empower your customers.

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Intellexere is the cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence engine developed by DataKnowl.

It embodies years of research and development in key AI disciplines, including Knowledge Representation, Automatic Reasoning, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning.

With seamless integration of the most advanced Large Language Models (LLMs), Intellexere elevates text generation to new heights, ensuring optimal outcomes.

Designed to foster human-like, engaging, and satisfying interactions, Intellexere empowers your customers with conversations that are as natural as they are delightful. Moreover, its proficiency in addressing and fulfilling customer requirements is unparalleled.

Unlock the exclusive benefits of Intellexere, available only with DataKnowl V-Agent.


24/7 Availability - Instant Response

Lower Customer Support Costs

Omnichannel Self-Service

Reduce Call and Email Volume

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Immediate Issue Resolution


DataKnowl Platform

V-Agent is seamlessly integrated with DataKnowl’s suite of services, including the CRM, Support Ticketing System, and Business Phone System.

This comprehensive integration delivers a unified platform experience, eliminating the need for multiple vendors and reducing the complexity and costs of maintaining disparate systems.

Enjoy the convenience and efficiency of an all-in-one solution that simplifies your business operations and streamlines customer service interactions.

Integration Friendly

Integrating V-Agent with your existing CRM or any other software is straightforward. Our solution is designed for easy interoperability with third-party platforms, thanks to its compatibility with Webhooks, DML, and APIs. Integrating V-Agent with your existing CRM or any other software is straightforward. Our solution is engineered for effortless compatibility with third-party platforms through Webhooks, DML, and APIs. This flexibility ensures that V-Agent can seamlessly adapt to your unique ecosystem, enhancing your operational capabilities with smooth and efficient integration.
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Get in touch with our team of experts to learn more about our industry-leading solutions.

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