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The SMS channel is an excellent tool to reach your customers wherever they are.

Thanks to this powerful communication channel you can build and strengthen your brand, better manage conversations with your customers and construct solid relationships, provide assistance and support in an omnichannel perspective by sending SMS, for example, for important notifications, confirmations of orders, and appointment reservations.

DataKnowl supports bidirectional SMS in many countries of the world, allowing companies to have numbers dedicated for receiving requests from their customers via SMS and also replying on the same channel.

Why use the SMS channel?

The SMS channel is a valid communication and support tool, thanks to its asynchronous and textual nature.
With DataKnowl you can add the SMS channel to your support strategy and get numerous advantages in terms of:

- Credibility and Authoritativeness: with DataKnowl, it is possible to send SMS with a personalized sender. Your customers will instantly identify and recognize the sender of the message and open and read your SMS.
Immediately they see that it has been sent by an authoritative source and, consequently, they will consider the information contained as credible.

- Strengthening of the brand image and omnichannel: the company's image must be coordinated between the various communication channels, without variations. In this way you can also add and customize the SMS channel.

- Universality: an SMS can be received by anyone who owns a mobile phone, even in the absence of a data connection. In this way you will be able to reach all your customers, regardless of age groups and familiarity with new technologies.

- Security: SMS are considered a very secure means of communication, for this reason they boast high opening rates.

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