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Although there are several channels available to your customers to contact your company, email is undoubtedly one of the most popular.

Given its widespread use, each company should consider email indispensable in the management of customer service.

Companies should be equipped with all the appropriate tools for the correct management of interactions on this channel, with the aim of ensuring traceability, management, and resolution of requests.
In other words, for the purpose of safeguarding excellent customer service and support.

Regardless of the type of company and market, email and telephone often compete for the top two places in the ranking of the most used channels.
With DataKnowl, it is possible to manage the email channel effectively and efficiently by structuring a management strategy capable of:

- Converting every incoming email into a ticket by opening a new ticket or updating an existing ticket. In this way, every email received and automatically transformed into a ticket, activates a flow of tracking and managing the request.

- Working as a team on the request received and transformed into a ticket, directly from the DataKnowl interface, simultaneously and collaboratively. No more emails forwarded between various agents, multiple replies to the same email, which increase the risk of mishandling the request or, even worse, of not handling it at all.

- Managing and monitoring the workflow, knowing which agents and team members have provided answers, and checking the processing status of the request.

- Tracking the reading of a request by a team member, the progress of its resolution status, and checking who updated the status of the ticket and when the status was changed.

- Automating the workflow on the email channel, as the V-Agent is able to manage customer requests independently and to open the related tickets in self-service mode.

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