Get an easy-to-use, powerful phone system and so much more

Over 50 features

Enjoy a business phone service packed with features to help your company become more efficient, and productive. Delight your customers.

Easy to set up, manage, and use

Create IVRs, add users, manage tasks, connect devices easily, and a lot more, all from a simple interface.

Save 30% or more

With a business telephone system that consolidates multiple solutions in a single platform, you can save at least 30% on operating expenses.

Send and receive business text messages

Text messaging features allow you to send and receive text messages (SMS) directly from your business number.

Take calls from any device

Thanks to DataKnowl Phone System endpoints you can connect to the system any device (PC, tablet, smartphone, desk phone, and softphone) and SIP / VoIP application to receive and make calls.

One vendor - one solution

A unique platform to manage all your interactions, and a single vendor to interact with for all your needs. Simplify the management of your business!
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Toll-Free, Local, National and Mobile Numbers

DataKnowl is a leader in offering telephone numbers for business use.

With an inventory that includes toll-free numbers, national, and mobile geographic numbers, DataKnowl offers one of the largest coverages on a global scale.

Find the perfect number for your business, or make use of the portability of your existing number.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Easily structure an IVR for your company, accommodating your customers’ calls with a professional menu.

IVR allows you to optimize call management, forwarding them by destination (for example, 1 for sales, 2 for support), enhancing the customer experience.

As a result of advanced Text-To-Speech technology, it is possible to synthesize messages in real time, without having to pre-register them. You can change the IVR whenever you want, simply and quickly.

DataKnowl Phone System supports more than 30 languages for the IVR, including: English, ....

Extensions and Collaborations

In DataKnowl Phone System you can assign an extension to each user. An extension is a private telephone number, for internal use (e.g. ext. 1000).

In this way it will be possible to call other internal users (for example colleagues), simply, and independently of the geographical location (for example between locations, even remote).

Enhance collaboration, and save on telephone costs thanks to internal DataKnowl Phone System extensions.

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding (also referred to as "call transfer") is a phone system feature that works by redirecting any incoming call to another phone number or device.

Forward any incoming calls to multiple phones to ensure every call is always answered.

You can use call forwarding to send a call directly to your office or home phone, or to a colleague’s smartphone. Easy and effective.

SIP Endpoints

Thanks to SIP endpoints, any device compatible with the SIP protocol (VoIP) can be connected with DataKnowl Phone System to receive and make calls.

Compatible devices include many desk phones, PCs, tablets, smartphones, and certain TVs.

With DataKnowl Phone System you have no limits in managing telephone calls.

Compatible with SIP Applications

Receive and make calls with any compatible SIP application or device. DataKnowl is an open platform that fully supports the SIP standard. Therefore you can choose the best application to manage calls on your iOS or Android smartphone, on Windows, Linux, or Mac desktops and laptops, in general on any SIP compatible device.

First-Class Customer Service Included

Also, for the Virtual Phone System service, first-class support is always included.

What does this mean? It means being able to count on a partner ready to support you in your choices, to help you make the best use of the services, and always available to offer support for all your doubts or difficulties.

With DataKnowl you not only purchase a technological service but a solution to your needs. Support is always available to take advantage of DataKnowl technology and make your customers happy.

Integrated with all DataKnowl Services

Choosing DataKnowl means having a whole platform at your disposal, not just individual services.

A set of solutions for managing communications with your customers on multiple channels, tracking requests for maximum efficiency and quality, improving the customer experience.

All in one platform. Not tens of services to manage, understand, configure, and integrate, with all the difficulties and costs that ensue. A single platform, integrated and easy to use. Optimize costs. Optimize the customer experience.

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DataKnowl is the unified platform for customer service optimization and automation

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