Track and manage your customers' requests with ease


Give your customers the choice. DataKnowl allows your customers to connect with you through email, phone, texting, or any other channel you want. Your customers' requests will be converted into tickets automatically.


Manage tickets collaboratively with your work team. Make the team's work easier and more efficient. No more requests shared via email and then lost, or left unanswered because it was unclear who was working on what.

Requests Tracking

When your customers make a request, they expect you to fulfill it as best as possible. Our Support Ticket System is designed to enable you to easily track each request and manage the resolution.
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Omnichannel help desk

Receive, track, and manage your customers' requests in a single platform, regardless of the channel they came from: phone, email, text message, etc.

No request will be lost, or left unmanaged. It meets the needs of your customers, on their preferred channel.

Our Support Ticket System empowers you to manage all channels from a single platform. It is no longer necessary to alternate between multiple tools to manage different channels, with inevitable delays or missed answers. Your customers' requests will always be met, and they will thank you.

Team and collaboration

Manage tickets collaboratively with your work team, equipping them with the right help desk tool to increase productivity and optimize customer request management time.

Make the team's work easier and more efficient.

No more requests shared via email and then lost, notes on paper are easily misplaced, or struggling with spreadsheets consisting of hundreds of versions. Never again have unresolved requests because it was unclear who was working on what.

Our ticketing system is specially designed for team collaboration and agent productivity. Assign tickets to specific team members, track the activities performed by each person, filter and organize tickets so that each agent works employing their expertise.

Workflow and traceability

The DataKnowl Support Ticket System allows you to work and manage requests following a structured workflow, assisting you to always keep the progress and processing of the ticket under control, tracing the various actions taken by the support team, up to the resolution of the request. All steps are tracked.

Accelerate response times and help agents concentrate by prioritizing tickets to be resolved, providing them with guidance they can rely on.

Thanks to filters and views on assignment, progress and resolution, and on the basis of multiple properties, it is always possible to have a complete and exhaustive picture, to operate at peak performance.

A help desk that helps you manage the requests of your customers.

Automatic email conversion to ticket

Turn emails into tickets in a simple and automatic way. Each email sent to your address will automatically be converted into a ticket, including any attachments.

Use an email address assigned by DataKnowl, or deploy one or more email addresses already in your possession.

Your team manages the ticket generated by the request received via email, using the DataKnowl Support Ticket System interface. This system will automatically send replies or notifications to the customers via email, transparently managing the conversation over this channel.

Much more than a shared email address! No more shared email accounts, duplicated email answers, or lost and forgotten emails.

Integration with virtual agents - artificial intelligence

Native integration with intelligent virtual agents V-Agent and V-Voice allows tickets to be automatically created for requests managed by V-Agent and V-Voice.

The V-Agent or V-Voice become a new agent that is part of your support team, ready to manage 24-hour requests, with the ability to create tickets for requests managed both for traceability purposes but also for collaborating with human agents.

In this way it is possible to significantly increase the efficiency of your support team, manage multiple requests, decrease the average management time per request, and cover all time slots, with a considerable optimization of operating costs.

Security by design - GDPR compliant

We constantly strive to provide the highest level of security so that your data is always safe.

DataKnowl is inspired by the concept of "Security by design" - this means that our platform is designed according to the best security practices, using the best standards and tools available, and constantly updated.

Our platform is GDPR compliant, with the ability to locate data physically within the European Union (EU). Visit the dedicated page for more details.

Advanced notifications

Agent notification of ticket processing is automatically sent via email, so that no progress in ticket management is lost.

Furthermore, it is possible to create automatic mini-reports for the heads of the assistance service and / or other people responsible for control, monitoring, or auditing in your company, so as to be always updated on the global status of the resolution of requests.

Supervisors can receive copies of emails or summary reports for optimal monitoring of activities and performance.

Integrated with all DataKnowl Services

Choosing DataKnowl means having a whole platform at your disposal, not just individual services.

A set of solutions for managing communications with your customers on multiple channels, tracking requests for maximum efficiency and quality, improving the customer experience.

All in one platform. Not tens of services to manage, understand, configure, and integrate, with all the difficulties and costs that ensue. A single platform, integrated and easy to use. Optimize costs. Optimize the customer experience.

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DataKnowl is the unified platform for customer service optimization and automation

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