CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platforms have become essential for small and medium businesses (SMBs) looking to streamline customer interactions and improve their overall customer experience. These platforms offer many benefits that can help SMBs grow their business and increase revenue.     Read More
Published on: 01/23/2023     Tags:

With the introduction of the latest new features, DataKnowl's CRM aims to achieve the critical goal of offering a complete tool for managing the entire customer life cycle: from Marketing to Sales to Customer Service.
Thus becoming "the single source of truth" (SSOT), the natural source of data management that allows you to make marketing more effective, improve sales performance, and better meet the needs of acquired customers, creating solid and stable relationships.     Read More
Published on: 12/06/2022     Tags:

We’re thrilled to announce the public preview of V-Agent V7. Version 7 of the V-Agent supports multiple AI / NLP / NLU engines: Intellexere, V-Voice and DialogFlow.

In this first preview, integration with DialogFlow is available for the SMS channel. You can chat with your DialogFlow agent, via SMS, in the following supported countries: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, United Kingdom, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, United States.     Read More
Published on: 09/25/2020     Tags:

DataKnowl now integrates a new multimodal CRM (V3) engine, with multiple operating configurations to better adapt to various business scenarios. The mode currently available is the Contact Manager mode, designed for organizing company contacts and managing interactions with customers.     Read More
Published on: 07/23/2020     Tags:

Despite the continuous growth of social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and of messaging apps (WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, etc.), for most customers, the telephone remains the preferred method for reaching support agents and the most effective communication channel for resolving customer support issues.     Read More
Published on: 07/26/2019     Tags:

Thanks to Endpoints it is now possible to make and receive calls from any device, such as a PC, Tablet, and Smartphone.

    Read More
Published on: 03/11/2019     Tags:

A phone number with IVR is a powerful tool for a large business that has many employees, to direct calls to the the proper department or individual, without the expense of 24-hour coverage of human telephone receptionists.     Read More
Published on: 11/21/2018     Tags:

Utilities companies across the world are facing a conundrum, as customers who are now increasingly accustomed to a seamless customer experiences from e-commerce companies, are now expecting the same level of support from them as well. Until recently, customers have been content with the utilities sector providing stable services, but they now expect a customer experience at par with that of the other companies.     Read More
Published on: 07/24/2018     Tags:

FinancesOnline Recognizes and Applauds Excellence in DataKnowl Services with two Awards     Read More
Published on: 05/10/2018     Tags:

How V-Agents can improve Customer Service     Read More
Published on: 11/10/2017     Tags:


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