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Easy to set up, manage, and use

DataKnowl's CRM has been designed to be easy and intuitive to use. Focus on growing your business, not learning complex tools.

Multimodal Engine

The new CRM engine has been designed to support multiple operating configurations to better adapt to various business scenarios.

100% Free

Completely free for up to three users. No upgrade costs. The perfect solution for small and medium-sized businesses.
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Contact Manager

DataKnowl integrates a new multimodal CRM engine that supports multiple operating configurations to better adapt to various business scenarios.

The default operating mode, Contact Manager, is designed for organizing company contacts and managing interactions easily.

The concept behind the Contact Manager mode is that of Contact, to intuitively manage relations with People and Organizations.

Manage relationships with People

A Person is the individual with whom you interact, who will have an associated set of properties such as: first name, last name, title, qualification, one or more telephone contacts, email addresses, etc.

DataKnowl's CRM, in the Contact Manager mode allows you to add and store contact information easily and also edit or remove information easily and efficiently.

It is also possible to associate a person with an organization simply and quickly.

For each contact, you can add tags, handy for classifying, identifying contacts, and searching for them based on the tags inserted (e.g. customer, supplier, partner, etc.) and you can write a short description. All the information you need will always be available.

Manage relationships with Organizations

In DataKnowl's CRM, an Organization represents the legal entity such as a company, or an institution, with which you need to manage relations.

You can easily associate Poeple to an Organization, to have a complete overview of your Contacts.

You will be able to store all contact information for the Organization, such as company website, telephone number, and address.

Thanks to the association between People or Organizations, it is always effortless to find personal or business contacts, as needed.

Integrated with DataKnowl V-Agent and V-Voice

DataKnowl's CRM is natively integrated with V-Agent and V-Voice.

DataKnowl V-Agent can automatically access CRM data, to offer a personalized customer experience to each individual caller.

DataKnowl is also being integrated with all other DataKnowl services. Follow us to stay updated on any news.

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