The innovative approach to IVR customer self-service

DataKnowl allows you to create intuitive and easy-to-use IVRs, with a human-like interaction experience.

Say goodbye to your old IVR, with DataKnowl you will have your new cloud-based IVR, for maximum scalability and cost optimization.

Your customers will be able to interact with your new IVR in a natural way, taking advantage of high quality self-service services that allow them to carry out the desired operations easily and naturally, for the maximum satisfaction.


Phone, SMS, Email, Web, Mobile, Social – it does not matter. Whatever channel your customer prefers, with DataKnowl Contact, you can manage them.

Interaction Center

Answer a phone call, reply to a ticket, manage a WhatsApp chat, or reply to an SMS. Do it from the Interaction Center with ease.

Full Features Included

CRM and Big Data Analytics included to collect data, to better understand your customers' needs.


From a SMB to a complex enterprise contact center’s needs, DataKnowl Contact can help.

Team Collaboration

Lets your colleagues and agents collaborate on tickets, answering phone calls, and managing customers’ requests for the best customer experience.

One Vendor - Save Money

Save up to 70% using one platform for all your customers' needs. Cut multiple licenses and multiple platforms to learn and manage. Optimize costs and focus on quality.
Looking for Custom IVR Development ?

At DataKnowl, we can help you create the best IVR solution for your Customers.

We specialize in making IVRs in multiple sectors, for companies of all sizes. Entrust the realization of your new IVR to a team of experts, specialized in the creation of solutions used by millions of people every day.

We will follow you in all the steps: from the analysis of your requirements and needs, to the IVR design, its implementation and management.

Have your IVR built by the same team that creates and manages DataKnowl Contact's IVR services and the V-Agent. Not only can we offer you the best level of knowledge of the platforms we build ourselves, but we can offer you the best implementation costs.

You can build your new enterprise-class IVR at a fraction of the normal costs offered by our competitors. Request more information now. Request your free quote now >

Contact simple IVR

Get the top business virtual phone system that is easy to manage, affordable, and integrated with all the tools needed to connect and engage with your customers.

DataKnowl Contact Virtual Phone System has over 50 features to better support your business including IVR, Call Forwarding, Text Messaging, Extensions, SIP compatible, Multiple users, and much more.

With phone numbers in over 70 countries, you can choose your perfect toll-free number, local, national, or even mobile number. If preferred, you can port-in your existing phone number, and unlock a new world of features.

DataKnowl Virtual Phone System is a cloud-based phone system so you can make and receive calls from anywhere with internet connectivity, using a PC, laptop, or mobile device. It provides organizations with mobility and flexibility that traditional on-premise systems are unable to achieve. No hardware is required because the service is delivered via the cloud. It combines the best of traditional landlines with the mobility and flexibility of modern cloud applications, offering more to businesses compared to traditional systems.

Features include: IVR (Interactive Voice Response), Call Menu, Call Forwarding and Routing, Multiple Users and Extensions, SIP applications, SIP devices, etc.

V-Agent next-generation conversational IVR

Modern companies, of any size, must meet the needs of their customers on any channel.

Whether you provide services, or your company sells products, you need to be able to manage the interactions with your customers via their preferred channel of communication.

The Interaction Center of DataKnowl Contact allows you to equip your company with a Contact Center where you can manage, in one place, the interactions from multiple channels, in a simple and efficient way.

It is unnecessary having multiple software to manage multiple channels, with the resulting costs and complexities. From the Interaction Center, with a single platform, you can manage all requests regardless of the customer’s preferred channel, thereby maximizing user satisfaction.

The Interaction Center is simple to use, and is scalable. From single individuals to multiple teams, DataKnowl's omnichannel Contact Center features support your business in providing the best customer experience.

Some of the features are: Omnichannel, AI and Automation, IVR, Conversational IVR, Team and Collaboration. (All features are easy to operate and are scalable).

V-Agent: AI-enabled IVR platform

Track requests, open tickets, and manage them with ease. Attach a ticket to an interaction.

A complete ticket system for the omnichannel conversational era, it allows you to convert a ticket, manage requests of various kinds (technical, commercial, administrative, etc.), and reach the customer service team from different communication channels.

Whether it is a phone call, an email, an SMS or a message via Facebook or Twitter, it will all be immediately converted to a ticket and assigned to an expert agent.

Manage tickets collaboratively with your work team, offering them the right help desk tool to increase productivity and optimize customer request management time. Make the team's work easier and more efficient.

Not a single request will be lost, ensuring that your customers are happier and satisfied!

Features include: Omnichannel help desk, Team and Collaboration, Workflow, Traceability, Automatic email conversion, and Artificial Intelligence.

Custom IVR Development - Professional Services

DataKnowl Contact, being part of the DataKnowl platform, is natively integrated with V-Agent and V-Voice artificial intelligence technologies.

You can immediately start using AI to easily optimize your customer service and engagement. No complex integration. No new platform or tool to manage.

With DataKnowl, start immediately to offer a higher level of service, thanks to AI.

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DataKnowl is the unified platform for customer service optimization and automation

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