How can Dataknowl help utilities upgrade to omnichannel customer support

Published 07/24/2018

Utilities companies across the world are facing a conundrum, as customers who are now increasingly accustomed to a seamless customer experiences from e-commerce companies, are now expecting the same level of support from them as well. Until recently, customers have been content with the utilities sector providing stable services, but they now expect a customer experience at par with that of the other companies. 

Traditional customer support channels like call centers and email support that function during the usual work hours are no longer sufficient. Utilities cannot ensure that each and every query will be answered, leading to a lot of dropped calls and unnecessary delays in response.

Time-consuming and labour intensive, the traditional customer support channels are not only a considerable financial burden to the companies, they are also failing to keep customer satisfied, leading to an increase in negative feedback. The utilities services can thus no longer afford to ignore their customers. It is vital for them to start engaging their customers across multiple channels, by harnessing the power of social media and advancing technology in artificial intelligence.

How does omnichannel customer service help engage customers ?

Your customers are already present on various platforms and the widespread use of smartphones across continents and cultures has ensured that they are always connected. As informed users, who smart-meters and multiple payment channels, they also expect timely responses to their queries on a platform of their choice : social media, text, SMS, phone or chat. Companies have to now think beyond the traditional call center approach, to embrace mobile technology, analytics and AI-driven chat services. 

How can DataKnowl help you to upgrade to an omnichannel setup ?

A platform that offers optimisation and automation of customer service, DataKnowl provides solutions across various channels. Our solutions allow you to reach a wider audience and engage with existing customers.

DataKnowl Contact

The DataKnowl Contact solution allows you to manage phone calls, track requests and respond to customer queries, through a single Interaction Center, that supports not just phone, but also SMS, live chat and even Facebook Messenger. A simple and easy to implement omnichannel solution, Contact allows you to provide real-time support to your customers. You can integrate the DataKnowl Contact solution, along with V-Voice and V-Agent to your existing CRM, making it an ideal solution.


DataKnowl’s V-Agent solution is a virtual assistant powered by Artificial Intelligence. V-Agents are chatbots, that will be available 24 hour a day, 7 days a week on web, mobile and messaging platforms, ensuring that no customer query ever goes unanswered. Since the V-Agent is always available 365 days a year, you can optimise customer experience by providing immediate responses. Combined with the human task force, DataKnowl’s V-Agent solution enables you to respond to requests about meter readings, information about outages and downtime or additional features, all without increasing your task force and expenses.


DataKnowl’s V-Voice solution is a conversational agent, that uses advanced IVR technology to customer support 24/7. Like the V-Agent, the V-Voice solution allows you to respond to customer queries round the clock, ensuring greater customer satisfaction. V-Voice agents can be automated to provide information related to meter readings, downtime and other feature information. Customers can also report issues and check the status of requests and complaints. The V-Voice agents can work in tandem with human agents, optimising the customer experience on the voice channel.

Sign-up now for the free plan and start using DataKnowl services to improve customer satisfaction.

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